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pga logo Here's a tidbit that will improve your game. Observing a PGA or LPGA player, one can't help but be struck by how attentive they are to standing and preparing to hit. To activate your legs and hips for power and balance, stand erect 6 inches away from a wall. Push your hips back and down until your rear end touches the wall. Your weight will be predominantly on the heels, knees out of the way and torso tilted nice and straight at the proper angle. You can't go wrong with that positioning! Try it!

During a lesson recently, a student of mine was being asked to start the backswing by moving the "butt" end of the club towards the right thigh. Commonly known by the phrase, "keep the butt in", this motion can cause great consternation for a player who has never done it before. I thought some videos of tour players might help persuade the student of the value of this motion. I forwarded to the student a You Tube video of Tom Watson. Later, I forwarded You Tube video links with Tommy Armour, Horton Smith and George Knudsen. Four golfers from different eras. Each player has his own style and all were known for superb ball striking abilities. Each one "kept the butt in" on the backswing. It almost looks as though they brush their trousers on the backswing. Click on this You Tube link Forgotten Great Swings and watch these stylish swings. In my opinion, any of the players I mentioned would be contenders on the PGA tour today. Take a look! It's a lot of fun.


I have been working with Chris on my game for about 8 years. I have gone from a 29 handicap to a Club Champion - Mary W.

Chris is a great instructor, communicates very effectively, fun to work with and has helped improve our game. Looking forward to additional sessions to really get our game in shape - Terry and Jim M.

I didn’t start playing golf until I was in my 60’s. Chris Herald helped me achieve becoming Club Champion. Learning golf is difficult let alone starting out later in life. I owe what success I have had to Chris’s teaching. He is patient and enjoys helping his students - Karen P.

Chris has been so outstanding with his approach and instructing ability that I have improved my golf game since taking his lessons. He has a very calm and direct way to get the point across to his students. I look forward to his lessons each week - Marilyn S.